Jewelry Repairs

All jewelry, over a period of time can get worn-out or damaged and needs to be repaired in order to restore its original glory. We, at Pettit Jewelers located in Philadelphia, MS are your trusted local jewelers and we specialize in repairing jewelry to make it look new-like again!

Whether it is a chain, a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or any other kind of jewelry, our experienced master jeweler will carefully examine it and repair it for you.

Jewelry Repairs are done on site by our expert jeweler.

Our expert Jewelry Repair service includes but is not limited to:

- Platinum repairs

- Silver repairs

- Gold repairs

- Same day repairs (express charges apply)

- Laser welder repairs

- Ring sizing up and down

- Chain and clasp repairs

- Bracelet repairs

- Stone setting

- Stone replacement

- Prong repair and re-tipping

- Earring and post repair

- Jewelry restorations

- Restyle and remounting

- Clean / polish / rhodium plating

So if you have a piece of jewelry that needs some tender care or repair, bring it to us and we will fix it!

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