Jewelry Care

When properly caring for your jewelry, please remember to not toss your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings together in one bag or pouch. The metal could form minor scratches from tangling and rubbing against each other.

If you are looking to do some home-cleaning on your jewelry, please make sure you contact our store for accurate information. Also, a general merchandise store, such as drug stores and home goods stores should sell proper jewelry, pearl, and silver cleaners. These stores may also sell silver polishing cloths. You should polish your silver jewelry on a regular basis so as to not let it tarnish.

Please do not put your gemstones together in one pouch. Diamonds will scratch other diamonds and will most definitely scratch other less hard stones.

You should ALWAYS get your jewelry inspected twice a year. This will ensure that your jewelry is in excellent shape or to inform you that you may need some repair work on a certain piece.

As always, please feel free to stop in on for complimentary cleaning! Rest assured that your valuable keep sakes and heirlooms will be handled with knowledge and care.

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