Diamond Buying Tips

1. The unit of measure used for the weight of a diamond is the carat. As a matter of reference, a carat is equivalent to .2 grams or .007 of an ounce. Carat weight can also be divided further by using points. There are 100 points in one carat. So, a 1/4 (.25) carat stone can also be expressed as 25 points and both mean the same thing. When comparing two diamonds, please note that just because one is twice the carat weight of the other does not mean that it will appear to be twice the size.

Diamond Buying Tips

2. Never buy a diamond based strictly on the grading certificate. Why? The gemological grades on certificates are far from being tight enough for financial comparisons. There can be dozens of combinations with equal grades where prices can vary 5 - 20%. Our team at Pettit Jewelers never purchases a diamond without examining it in person. In addition, it is our policy to make sure that we have at least two team members examine every diamond prior to purchasing or selecting for client viewings.

3. Give yourself the opportunity to physically see & compare loose diamonds. The differences between a G color/SI1 clarity and G color/VS2 clarity are nearly impossible to detect to the untrained eye. Why pay more for something your eye cannot see?

4. Not all 1.00 carat diamonds look the same, same goes with 2 carats, 3 carats, 4 carats and up... For example, a 1.00ct diamond for $2,999 will not face-up nearly as beautiful as the a 1.00ct for $5,000. That's a fact!

Diamond Buying Tips

5. Diamond certificates are subjective; there is nothing scientific about diamond grading. Jewelers and appraisers from all over the USA often than not grade the same diamond differently. Remember there is always the human factor in the grading process, there will always be a gray area.

6. Many customers think diamonds with SI1 & SI2 clarity grades have inclusions obvious to the naked eye. NOT TRUE. Don't be fooled by what you friend or colleague tells you, a VS2 or higher clarity is NOT always the way to go. The best value for your money will typically fall in the SI1 - SI2 clarity range.

7. Jewelry maintenance and repairs like ring sizing and stone tightening can often be costly. When buying a diamond engagement ring, make sure it comes with a guarantee. Not all guarantees are created equal, so learn more about our Brilliant Jewelers Lifetime Promise.

8. Contact Pettit Jewelers to meet with Nicole Pettit and his team. Our expertise, diamond buying experience, and knowledge sets us apart and promises to make the diamond buying experience fun and engaging!

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